Nové Město nad Metují

Tips for trips


Inside a outside swimming pools are in Náchod (10 km), Dobruška (9 km) and Jaroměř (18 km). The nearest aquaparks are in Kudowa Zdrój (Poland 15km) and in Hradec Králové (30km). The Rozkoš Dam is 4km away, there you can swim, fish and windsurfing.

Sights to see

There is a renaissance square, chateau and museum in Novém Městě nad Metují. There isKlopotovskévalley with deer-park ornature reserve Peklo ("the Hell") outside the town. Other interesting sites on the web of townTOURIST.

The surrounding area offersgood conditions forhiking and cyclingas it is locatedin the foothills of the area of the Orlické hory ("the Eagle Mountains").The cyclobuses go at the weekendto the Orlické hory ("the Eagle Mountains"),to the Polish Stolové hory ("the Table Mountains")and many other places.

More interesting places in the surroundings: the Chateau Ratibořice, town Česká Skalice and the Babiččino údolí ("the Grandmother's valley"), the Chateau Kuks, the Chateau Opočno, the Chateau Náchod, the Museum of Merkur in Police nad Metují, the Teplicko-Adršpašské skály ("Adršpach-Teplice rocks"), the Broumov Monastery and others.


Ski resort Deštné in the area of Orlické hory ("the Eagle Mountains") completely equipped centre of winter sports (22km away). Other ski resorts are in Sedloňov, Nový Hrádek and Olešnice v Orlických horáchThey are locatedabout 15 km fromthe accomodation and offerskiingat very reasonable prices.

Interesting places


The Chateau Nové Město nad Metují with garden

The Chateau Opočnowith a unique collection of monuments (14 km)

The Chateu Náchod with live bears and military cemetery from 1866 (10 km)

The Chateu Ratibořice from 16th century, area of the novel Babička (Grandmother) (12 km)
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The town Dobruška, one of the most beautiful gateways to the Eagle Mountains (9 km)

Hronov, the town of many writers (16 km)
Fortress Josefov from 18th century (18 km) Fort Dobrošov from perion before World War II. (10 km)
Fort Hanička from perion before World War II. (40 km) Fort Skutina from perion before World War II. (10 km)
Slavoňov wood church - UNESCO (3 km) The Peklo valley with devil restaurant  (5 km)
The Dam Rozkoš swimming, fishing and windsurfing (8 km)  Adršpašsko-teplické skály rock towns (50 km)
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Zoo Dvůr Králové with African safari (35 km) The Giant Aquarium in Hradec Králové  (30 km)
Rock area Ostaš and the Chapel Hvězda ("the Star") (40Km) Stolowe Mountains National Park in Poland (25 km)
The Salt Cave in Náchod (10 km) The Museum Merkur in Police nad Metují, the museum of toy building brick (25 km)
Kudowa Zdrój, the spa city in Poland (15 km)  The Skul Chapel in Poland (14 km)
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Rokole, the place of pilgrimage with spring water (8 km)

Kuks Hospital, the Jewel of Czech baroque art (35 km)


Orlické hory – skiing, hiking, cycling

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